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GothamistWhat Is Nordic Street Food?

Magnus Nilsson and Rene Redzepi have helped bring fine Nordic cuisine to the culinary forefront, but what does casual Scandinavian food look like? And more importantly, where can you get it in New York? On November 4, we teamed up with Bröd Kitchen, Revolving Dansk and UNNA Bakery to host “How to Prepare a Nordic Feast” at the Brooklyn Brewery.Rekorderling was also a partner, and provided cider for the evening. December 15, 2015.

Tasting TableEvil Pairing @ Jimmy’s 43

This Sunday, stop by East Village beer den Jimmy's No. 43 to partake in a sudsy hot dog fest with a Scandinavian twist. Brooklyn-based weenie purveyor Revolving Dansk teams up with Evil Twin's Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø to offer Copenhagen's beloved street food: pølsevogn sausages. August 10, 2014.

GothamistWinter Hot Dog Championship 

A gourmet dog event hosted by Revolving Dansk. They'll be topping the dogs with things like chili ginger ketchup and sel gris taro chips, with pints from Evil Twin brewing to wash them down for a few extra pennies. The $15 tickets include all three dogs plus a "røde pølse hot dog served Danish-style.” February 13, 2015.

EaterEvil Pairing @ Jimmy’s 43

Tomorrow afternoon, the Danish pop-up restaurant Revolving Dansk is hosting an authentic Danish red sausage event at Aamanns-Copenhagen. The hot dogs will be served pølsevogn-style in honor of Denmark's popular hot dog wagons, which means they'll be topped with crispy fried onions and sweet Scandinavian pickles. October 19, 2013.

GothamistThe Great Danish Upgrade to
the Dirty Water Dog

They’re a trap, dirty water dogs. Walking home from work I’m always tempted by them, in a low cost, immediate gratification kind of way. But it seems like they’ve gotten smaller, less robust, more expensive lately, and that putrid water that they sit in is difficult to accept as edible. Maybe it’s time that New Yorkers demand more out of a tube steak and replace our franks with bright pink pølser.” September 8, 2015.

Honest CookingFinger on the Pølse:
Introducing the Danish Hot Dog

It’s a Friday evening in January and Martin and Sera Høedholt are hosting an intimate hot dog tasting in their uber-modern, sparsely decorated Park Slope apartment located one block from Prospect Park. They’re a young and attractive couple, exuding the happiness of newly-weds. August 7, 2015.

Honest CookingNorth Fest Hot Dog Championship

The second annual NORTH Festival created quite the buzz in New York City this September. From hatching chicks during cooking demos to creating gourmet multi-course menus in an old subway station, Nordic food made an unforgettable splash during the week-long festivities. October 3, 2014.

Serious EatsDanish Day at Dassara

Scandinavian food is all the rage in NYC, and Sera Lavelle and danish-born Martin Høedholt have paired with celebrity chef Pablo Ventura of Dassara and Fatty Crab to create classic Danish fare. Frikadeller, which are Danish meatballs, and pølser, Danish sausages, are just two of the specialties that will be served. July 18, 2013.

Honest CookingHot Dog and Whiskey Tasting

Copenhagen Street Dog showcases the traditional pølse, Denmark’s jazzed-up answer to the New York hot dog, at this all-day franks and flights fest. Along with all-American slugs including moonshine, chocolate whiskey and barrel-strength bourbon, pork links slathered with ketchup, fried onions and Scandinavian pickles. August 12, 2015.

Village VoiceThis Weekend’s 5 Best Food and Drink Events

Since the ballpark is closed, those needing a hot dog fix should head to the warm confines of Jimmy's. For $20, guests can sample three gourmet hot dogs until 4 p.m. before declaring a winner. The fabulous franks come with toppings such as Sriracha ketchup and deviled egg cream. February 13, 2015.

ObserverCocktails With Julianne Moore? Or a Hot Dog and Some Danish Beer?

Revolving Dansk, a company that describes its mission as “to bring Danish street food to New York”, notes on their invitation that, “We’ve heard that Denmark is the happiest country on the planet due to social welfare, but we have the sneaking suspicion that Danish hot dogs and beer also have something to do with it.” We couldn’t agree more. If your friends really hated that vegan food festival, make it up to them by taking them to this. August 6, 2014.

Blogs and Food Write-ups

Brooklyn’s ambassadors of pølser are Martin and Sera Høedholt, husband and wife owners of Revolving Dansk —producers, marketers and online retailers of the Danish-style sausages. The duo have been making and smoking meat out of their Boerum Hill apartment since 2013. Earlier this month, they launched Copenhagen Street Dog, their first retail brand of pølser available for wholesale and online purchase in the U.S.


When I think of summer, I think of BBQ. When I think of BBQ, I think of hamburgers and hot dogs. As a Jewish kid growing up in suburbia - we stuck with the classic - Hebrew National Hot Dogs. However, pretty soon, I grew tired of the same - albeit - delicious taste. As an NYU student and son of Brooklynites, we'd go down to Nathans for "the" hot dog. However, that too grew old. I needed flavor.


We stopped by the Revolving Dansk where chef Martin Høedholt served up a Copenhagen Street Dog, a mini grillpølser with danish remoulade, crispy fried onions, and salty Lakrid. Pablo Ventura from Dassara Ramenwas also there serving up a Danish-Asian crackling pork, topped with red cabbage and sweet Scandinavian pickles on a toasted baguette.

Fiorella Eats

The collaboration between Dassara Ramen and Revolving Dansk proved to be exceptional with their “Copenhagen Street Dog” and their “Danish-Asian Cracking Pork” offerings becoming an immediate hit with attendees.

Local Bozo

The next group, Revolving Dansk - purveyors of Danish street food - had a mini hot dog and a pulled pork crostini.  The pulled pork was accompanied by a spicy barbecue sauce and topped with a sour pickled slaw.  However, I have to say the grillpøser hot dog was my Favorite Dish of the Day!  The hot dog had a remoulade sauce, fried onions, raw onions, and sweet pickles on top.  My first bite had the incredible (like literally, unbelievable) sound effect of a sharp snap as I bit into the casing. LOVE!


We also went crazy for the dog which won the People’s Choice award, which was served by none other than Revolving Dansk, New York’s own Nordic transplant. The Copenhagen Street Dog, traditionally served from polsevogn (hot dog wagons) is extra-long, beechwood smoked, and spiced with smoky Scandinavian flavors. Yum!


One thing I do enjoy about living in NYC are the abundance of outdoor events we can enjoy here. I do sometimes forget that we live along the water right on the Atlantic Ocean and the multiple waterfronts offer amazing views for ample public events to take place.  I happened to partake in one this weekend called Pig Island, and it was on the waterfront in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

The Regular Guy

Revolving Dansk offered up some Danish-Asian options, that were considered pretty innovative across the board. There was even a vegetarian dish from Bittergreen. Pig Island made sure there was a little something for everyone.

Socially Superlative

Also in the running were two Danish twists on pork by Martin Høedholt and Pablo Ventura of Revolving Dansk and Dassara Ramen: their Copenhagen Street Dog, a mini grillpølser with danish remoulade, crispy fried onions, and salty Lakrids and their Danish-Asian crackling pork, topped with red cabbage and sweet Scandinavian pickles on a toasted baguette.

NYC Food Scape

This past weekend many kicked the end of summer blues by heading out to the Red Hook Section of Brooklyn 4th annual Pig Island, held on Saturday September 6th. The outdoor event filled the Red Hook air with the smell of delicious pig dishes, live music, and the green grass was covered with people sitting on picnic blankets.

Devour the City

A newcomer to this food festival, Revolving Dansk went for a more traditional-with-a-spin for one of their dishes. Taking their cue from the Danish hot dog wagon (pølsevogn), which they mention is virtually the only street meat in that country, they served up the Copenhagen Street Dog complete with a tangy remoulade, crisp locally-made Scandinavian pickles, crunchy onions, and a drizzle of a Danish salty licorice sauce, upon request.

The Experimental Gourmand

Martin Høedholt and Pablo Ventura of Revolving Dansk served a traditional Copenhagen Street Dog with Danish remoulade, crispy fried onions, and salty Lakrids.

Butter and Salt Blog

My first stop on this trail of yumminess was the People’s Choice Award winner: The Copenhagen Street Dog from Brooklyn’s own Revolving Dansk. This Danish hot dog isn’t just any rod of meat; it’s a polse. Just picture an extra juicy Danish sausage that’s beech-wood smoked, topped with tomato puree and smashed apples Danish ketchup, Danish remoulade, whole grain Dijon mustard, Tapioca and brown rice flour fried onions, Agurksalat Scandinavian pickles and raw Persian licorice, all guarded by a toasted bun.

Diva Girls Daily


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What is a pølse?

A pølse is an extra-long, beech wood smoked sausage with a snap that is found on almost every street corner in Copenhagen. Copenhagen Street Dog produces the two main types of pølser found in Denmark, the classic Røde Pølse, which is bright red in color, and the popular brown Grillpølse.

Copenhagen Street Dog

Craving a pølse in your own home? Revolving Dansk has now launched an all-natural version of the traditional pølser, using old world Danish sausage making techniques and classical Scandinavian ingredients. Get them in your local store!


Revolving Dansk takes their meat to the streets by creating events that pair with celebrity chefs, up-and-coming restaurants, mobile vendors, and street food festivals throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn.