Craft Beer and Hot Dog Showdown

Craft beer and hot dogs on the pier! If you missed your chance to vote at the Winter Hot Dog Championship, now is your chance to vote on the winner of the winners, the best of the beast, and the ultimate recipient of an even BIGGER pig trophy! Taste 3 hot dog creations, which includes the winner from the early session, “She’s Gone Nuts” by Kate Hornsby with honey sriracha mayo, pickled cabbage, crushed peanuts, and cilantro, the winner of the late session, “The Berlin” by Katrine Bjørnson Strøyberg with curry ketchup, crispy fried onions, green onions, and curry sprinkles, and one new contester, yet to be decided. Pair this with some of NYC’s best local craft beer and you have a party!


Sunday: May 29th 2016
Event: 12 pm - 2 pm
Reg. vending: 2 pm - 4:30 pm


Stuyvesant Cove Park
Avenue C & 23rd St, Manhattan, NY

past events

2nd annual
winter hot dog championship

at jimmy's no43.

Now that was a party! We completely sold out, added a second event, and still there were more hot dog eaters than we could handle. In the end, we all Heart Pølser and are proud of our champs Kate Hovey with her “She’s Gone Nuts”, Katrine Bjørnson Strøyberg with “The Berlin” and Joseph Lofaro with “The UBU”. Thank you to our sponsors BoConcept for Danish-styling our homes, and Flødebolle for stuffing our faces with cream ball goodness.
February 21st 2016


nordic feast
at brooklyn brewery

Edible Manhattan got down with the Danish! Edible and the Brooklyn Brewery rounded up a panel of Nordic experts (and one particular hot dog scholar) to show you how to prepare a Nordic Feast. Martin Høedholt of Copenhagen Street Dog (aka the pølse pioneer) demonstrated the fine art of Danish hot dog making, alongside several other Nordic rock stars such as Bröd Kitchen and Rekorderlig. Educational and delicious!
November 4th 2015

north nordic food festival
by honest cooking

Revolving Dansk served Copenhagen Street Dog pølser alongside some of the most reknown chefs, such as Claus Meyer (Noma), Fredrik Berselius (Aska), and Mads Refslund (Acme). It was such an honor to be among the world’s best and even better to try some of the cuisine.
Oh yeah, and did we mention we got to meet HRH Mary, the Crown Princess of Denmark? That was pretty sweet. She stopped by to check out our dogs, and even took two for the road. It was a fine moment for RDK indeed!
September 27th 2015


getting piggy with it
at pig island

It’s was our favorite time of the year to Pig Out: Pig Island! It was just as it sounds - an island of pig in all of it’s glory. Well, it was not quite an island, but a space by the water in Red Hook, but it did fulfill our pork-filled dreams of eating a freshly shanked pig prepared by some of NYC’s top chefs. Oh, the things you can do with a pig and all of the piggy-goodness! We served an extra special hot dog that day, “The Chili Klaus”, which left most people licking their lips, and one person (who unwittingly added the chili powder directly onto his hot dog) licking the grass.
September 12th 2015


whiskey and hot dogs
at Kings county distillery 

What a pairing! When we found out that there is a full on WHISKEY DISTILLERY close to the heart of DUMBO where you can get tours, craft whiskey tastings, and specialty whiskey cocktails in their back garden, we just had to get involved. We are still not quite sure which whiskey paired best with our hot dogs, but we had a hell of a time trying to figure it out. It was a great day of whiskey tasting and good old fashion Copenhagen style hot dog eating in their outdoor bar. Thanks to all of those who joined us, and to TimeOut NY for featuring our event.
August 15th 2015


Launch party

We celebrated the launch of our products to restaurants throughout NYC and it was quite the party! Our staff was in full-on production mode, and still, people were pushing other people out of the way to get their hands on our pølser. A proud moment for us indeed.

Thank you to our many sponsors such as Johan Bulow, Chili Klaus, Sir Kensingtons, Tin Mustard, Jimmy’s No 43 and many more for making this a memorable launch. It has been a crazy journey for us over the past two years, and we realize that in many ways, this is just the beginning. Another special thanks and photo credits, goes to Signe Birck.
August 2nd 2015


North Fest
And Hot DoG Championship 

R/DK rocked the Brooklyn Brewery for Honest Cooking's North Fest, selling out of our 400 grillpølser in 2.5 hours at Nordic Street Food Fest, and WINNING the People's Choice award in the Nordic Hot Dog Championship. We were up against some fierce competition, with the likes of Fredrik Andersson, Leif Sørensen, Neal Fraser, Paul Backer, Richard McCormick and Sami Tallberg, each presenting their best interpretation of a Nordic Hot Dog. In the end, we WON the People’s Choice Award, and came in as a very close second by the panel of judges, which included celebrity chefs, journalists and TV personalities.
September 14th-15th 2014



Saturday, September 5th @ Pig Island was a glorious day. What is it about getting a big group of people together to celebrate pork that makes everyone so happy? The pork. The event was fun, the food was phenomenal, and we were so honored to be a part of it. In addition to our favorite little pig dish (you know what it is called - just try to pronounce it: “Grillpølser”) we also paired with celebrity chef Pablo Ventura of Dassara to create our “Pig Project”. If Adam Poch from TV’s Big Brother loves the Danish dogs, what else is there to say?
September 5th 2014


Who likes hot dogs and beer?

Seriously, it was crazy. Your enthusiasm for pølser accelerated Martin’s production to one hot dog per minute for four straight hours. A special shout out goes to beer master Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø of Evil Twin brewery for creating the perfect pølse-pilsner pairing. Our shame for not acknowledging sooner the perfection that is the double Danish beer/hotdog combo. Who would have known that beer could actually make our hot dogs taste…. awesome-er? A special thanks also goes out to Jimmy Carbone - the man who can do it all. It is quite impressive that he can host a party bursting at the seams with hot dog eaters, beer in hand, without breaking a sweat. We realized during your third hot dog that the French hot dog was designed just for you. Perhaps more foods should have their own bread handle, ready for men on the move?
August 10th 2014


Smith Street
Funday Sunday

Captivated by the aromas of neighborhood food filling the streets, and enticed by a fellow restaurant owner (Justin Despirito) who liked their idea of bringing the danish pølse to Brooklyn, Revolving Dansk was born one year ago at this very street fair. This year, they were proud to be at the front of the line, serving their very own production of Copenhagen Street Dogs, the Røde and Ristet hot dogs. 
It was a great day, and R/DK was so happy to see so many smiling, hot-dog-stuffed faces of old friends, new friends, and supporters from the neighborhood. Revolving Dansk would like to thank all of you for stopping by, and helping us celebrate our 1 year anniversary!
June 22nd 2014


R/DK Food Stand
Hester Street Fair

R/DK had its first food stand at a street fair (Hester Street Fair located in Lower East Side). R/DK served traditional family recipes with a modern Nordic twist! They brought their notorious røde pølser (red hot dogs with a snap!) served street food style, along with traditional frikadeller (crispy fried meatballs) with a new nordic flair by serving them with The Beet (a special beet sauce blend) Green Goddess (R/DK’s spin on a classic danish remoulade). A good time was had by all!
October 5th 2013


party at the park
on menu celebration 

This was a true celebration. A celebration of the first Danish hot dog in NYC to be ON THE MENU, with of course pølse from yours truly. Pølse bites were passed around as the crowd erupted in applause. Well, perhaps it was not quite as much applause as much as it was a mad dash to the food as it came out. We very proud to have Park Luncheonette as the first restaurant in NYC to serve our pølser on their menu!
October 19th 2015

stella polaris
at danish music fest 

This was not just Dane-ish it was full on Dane! There were Legos, Danish candies, and all other things stereotypically Danish - including yours truly. People rocked out for Stella Polaris’s first US appearance while feasting on all sorts of treats from the motherland. Our hot dogs were served med det hele, which is Danish for ‘awesome style’.
September 12th 2015

at scanfest 

Did you not know that there was a full on Nordic Renaissance Fair in central Jersey? We had some scandalous scan-delicacies cooking up and a ye olde good time serving up pølser to the masses. People came for the food, but stayed for the middle aged men dressed up in Scandi garb jousting in between meat shank servings. Good times! If we weren’t so busy, we might have jumped into the ring with our extra long pølser swords.
September 6th 2015


Battle of the beasts
at ciderfeast 

It was another great event from producers of Pig Island, NYC Hot Sauce Expo and Brisket King of NYC. We battled for the title of New York’s best hot dog among the best of the beast at the Hot Dog Championship and CiderFeast and were happy to be the clear winners!

We know the other hot dogs were just show dogs, but that you get the real deal with Copenhagen Street Dog. Wild and untamed pork. Thanks to those who supported us, and a special thanks to all those Cider companies for keeping us well quenched throughout the day!
August 8th 2015


Winter Hot Dog
Championship 2015 

The battle was on at Jimmy's No. 43! We spent weeks preparing and tasting recipes submitted for our contest, and narrowing it down to three recipes from people who would then competed for the title of Hot Dog Champion of the World. Voting was quite a dilemma, with bemused audience members struggling to decide for which of the three damn good dogs they would cast their vote. With a little help with our good friend The Hot Dog Judge, the people spoke and the God Morgen Dog, topped with sriracha ketchup, deviled egg cream, jalapeno cole slaw, and bacon, won!
February 15th 2015



ScanFest - where drinking and jousting is an international sport. People were bursting with Scandinavian enthusiasm, representing Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland, with just a touch of Jersey. We were of course happy to see those sporting flag stickers from all of the Nordic countries, but we were extremely happy when that sticker was the Danish flag. Many told us that they have not had an authentic Danish hot dog since they immigrated to the U.S, and some reported that the time had been nearly 50 years! For us, that is what really makes it worth it.
August 31st 2014


New Nordic Food Meets
Copenhagen Street Food

We just want to thank everyone for coming to our event at The Copenhagen on Saturday, July 26th. Obviously, we love our pølser, and we are so happy to see that others are just as excited as we are about our hot dogs. Thank you to our friends at The Copenhagen for having us! It was a lot of fun, and yes, we do like your idea of making pølse scented candles. If our home didn’t already smell like meat, we would definitely purchase them. We saw more new faces at this event than any other, so we know that the pølse-love is spreading through New York!! It was a lot of work to prepare more than 250 hot dogs in 4 hours, but it is worth the effort when you look around at all those pølse-lovers and their hot dog filled faces. Thank you for making it a great event!
July 26th 2014


R/DK Food Stand
Flatbush Food Court

R/DK had a food stand at The Sycamore Bar and a lot of happy people dropped by. R/DK served traditional family recipes with a modern Nordic twist! They brought their notorious Copenhagen Street Dogs - røde pølser (red hot dogs with a snap!) served street food style, along with traditional frikadeller (crispy fried meatballs) with a new nordic flair by serving them with The Beet (a special beet sauce blend) Green Goddess (R/DK’s spin on a classic danish remoulade). 
We had so much fun and loved to serve you our food items!
June 1st 2014


Red Sausage Event
Aamanns Copenhagen

New Nordic meets Danish Street Food! Anyone who has wandered the streets of Copenhagen has inevitably entered a pølsevogn (hot dog wagon), which are more ubiquitous in Denmark than Starbucks in NYC. Unlike any hot dog in America, the danish hot dog is a red, delicious, sausage with a snap, topped with condiments, crispy fried onions, and sweet scandinavian pickles. The Danish pop-up restaurant, Revolving Dansk, served these hot dogs pølsevogn-style for this one day event at Aamanns-Copenhagen in Tribeca, along with drink specials and a mix of europop and Scandinavian rock music.
October 20th 2013



Danish Gris-mas! What the glögg? R/DK was at it again, and this time, Santa brought a big batch of succulent, crispy, Danish-style pork down the chimney. The Danish pop-up served traditional Danish Christmas food with a street-food spin, at Dassara. As always, they brought their infamous Danish red hot dogs to please the crowd.
Thanks for making it a Merry Grismas!
December 8th 2013


Danish Day

R/DK brought homestyle Danish cuisine into the neighborhood (Carroll Gardens) at Dassara. Sera Lavelle Høedholt and Danish-born Martin Høedholt paired with celebrity chef Pablo Ventura of Dassara and Fatty Crab, who has cooked for the likes of Tommy Hilfiger and Oscar de la Renta, to create a distinctively Danish menu for this event. The event focused on sharing the family recipe for Danish frikadeller (Meatballs), as well as renowned Copenhagen street food style pølser (hot dogs) created specially for this event. The event featured a variety of drink specials, a mix of europop and scandinavian rock music and R/DK’s own distinct flavor of fun. Thank you for joining us at Dassara! We had a great time and were happy to see so many smiling faces eating Danish comfort food.
July 21st 2013